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View 12-15-2017 Practising Law Institute - PLI Building Better Construction Contracts 2017 Webcast/New York NY 1 6 1 rel
View 12-15-2017 Steven R. Adams, Esq. What Every Civil Attorney Needs to Know about Criminal DUI Law Cincinnati OH 1 2.5 2 crm
View 12-15-2017 Lawline.com Hot Topics in Tax Law Reform 2017 Webcast 1 1 0
View 12-15-2017 Lawline.com Tax Planning for Non-Resident Aliens with US Assets or Beneficiaries Webcast/New York NY 1 1 0 tax
View 12-15-2017 Academy of Northern KY Collaborative Professionals Building Your Team Covington KY 1 3.5 0 fam
View 12-15-2017 Toxicology Laboratories, Inc. Forensic Toxicology For Attorneys 2017 Teleconference 1 6.75 0 crm
View 12-15-2017 Christian County Attorney's Office Christian County Summit on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Hopkinsville KY 1 5 0 crm
View 12-16-2017 Louisville Bar Association - LBA 2017 Ethy Awards Webcast 1 2 2 eth
View 12-18-2017 National Business Institute Using LLCs to Invest in Real Estate Teleconference 1 1.5 0 bus tax
View 12-18-2017 National Business Institute Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims: Negotiating... Teleconf./Webcast 1 1.5 0 trt
View 12-18-2017 National Business Institute Real Estate Transaction Tax Planning Teleconference 1 1.5 0 tax
View 12-18-2017 National Business Institute Truck Accident Litigation From Start to Finish Live Webcast 1 6 1 tort
View 12-18-2017 National Business Institute Employee Handbooks: Changes You Need to Make Now Webcast 1 6 0 lab emp
View 12-18-2017 National Business Institute Mediation: Start to Finish Webcast 1 6 0 adr
View 12-18-2017 Practising Law Institute - PLI Nuts and Bolts of Corporate Bankruptcy 2017 Webcast/New York NY 2 12.5 1.25 bus ban